Pitbull Growler ii - Uber XOR - 25.5X8R14
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5 Circumferential groove channels           

  • if you're going in the muck... you don't want it to stick to the tires!!!            

Aesthetically Directional yet Functionally Non-Directional

  • Looks can be deceiving. There are biting edges for forward/reverse and lateral traction all over the tire. At the same time, the overall impression is that of a directional tire, and as a dedicated directional extreme tire, it can throw some serious muck!!!

Patented Tread Design

  • based on our CORR, XRRA, Tough Truck, TTC, WSORR, DHRA, NMRO proven & multiple motorsport Growler off-road LT tires.           
  • We're not new to this extreme tire dirt, sand, snow & mud thing...
  • Multi-varied Patented tread blocks - create an alternating biting pattern for maximum traction, cleanout and stability
  • Rounded edge tread blocks - to help reduce tire wear and noise.

Our tires kick ass period. We can go on and on pointing out all the minutia details of why our tires are great...blah blah blah.            

Seriously...just find someone using our tires and see for yourself. An ad is an ad and all companies try to tell you how great their tires are...blah blah blah...the proof is in the pudding. Words are just words...

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Product Name Pitbull Growler ii - Uber XOR - 25.5X8R14
Brand Pitbull Tires
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